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Maria’s love for photography started after high school.  Her models were her friends and family. They would proudly display her photographs in their homes.  In 2004, a good friend of hers strongly encouraged her to do more with her photography.   She began taking classes at the Harvey Milk Photography Center, The Nocturnes , subscribing to every photography magazine, buying books, and acquiring paying clients in the process. In 2005, Maria started traveling with the Mentor Series, the Masters Class, and Photo Quest Adventures. This allowed her to meet and learn from professional photographers such as:

   Dave Black             (
   Tom Bol                  (
   Joe Buissink           (
   Mirjam Evers           (
   Darrell Gullin          (
   Reed Hoffman        (
   Adam Jones           (
   Brad Miller              (
   Rosanne Pennella  (
   Rick Sammons        (
   Chip Simons           (

From them she learned how to be a nature, wildlife, travel, freelance, automotive, and wedding photographer.  Her photography travels have taken her to wonderful places – Turkey, Egypt, Kansas, Morocco, Newport Beach, Kenya, Michigan, Panama, and even into her own backyard, San Francisco.

In 2006, she encouraged three other photographers to do more with their photography.  Together they formed a photography group called “My Friend, the Pixel”
(  In September 2006, their first photography show was held at the Harvey Milk Photography Center in San Francisco.

In 2008, her photo was published in Popular Photography magazine-February issue, and the Kansas 2008 Visitor's Guide.

Maria's Notes:

Joe Buissink, Wedding Photography, Newport Beach
Shoot from the heart, break the rules, take a chance, know the gear the way it’s supposed to be used, don’t think about the shot, just take it!
There’s no such thing as a perfect picture, only a perfect moment.

Chip Simons, Kansas Mentor Series
Shoot with your stomach and intuition, not your brain. Shoot whatever you want that makes you happy and gets you excited about shooting more and more.

Rosanne Pennella, Morocco Mentor Series
The index card: slow down, read the camera manual and master the settings, perform camera checks often, be respectful when taking photos, look at the time of day for lighting, check on the composition, avoid centering the horizon of a subject, check the background, check the edges of the frame…

Reed Hoffman, Kansas Mentor Series
Work with lighting and do something that scares you.

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